Monday, July 31, 2017


Back in 2007, I was churning croissants out at an astonishing rate. My family had come together, a rare event, and croissants were my way of saying,"Here, enjoy and be fat." After almost a decade, I'm at it again and this time, for no reason at all.

Soft, buttery, delicious...and nerve racking. Placing the croissants in a warm space to proof before baking sounds easy enough, but it isn't fun to be constantly checking them every ten seconds to see how much they've risen, wondering why one batch rises more than another and generally worrying. On the other hand, watching them plump up like soft, light pillows is nothing short of miraculous. I bow my head to these creatures we call yeast.

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The recipe is right here :

I followed it as is except for the measuring out of the croissant triangles, which I thought too finicky. It's a great recipe, provided you keep in mind the pressure points
1. Get a kitchen scale if you don't have one. It's a great help.
2. Get great quality baker's yeast.
3. Test a batch in your oven to get the baking times right.
4. When you roll out the triangles on day 3 to stretch them out, be gentle. Too much pressure destroys the layers. Also be quick, the butter melts as you handle the dough. This is something you need to be kind to yourself about because it may take a batch or three to get the hang of.

It may sound complicated, but this is actually a relaxed, easy process. And the rewards are well worth it!

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