Friday, June 9, 2017

Jackfruit Jam

This is one of the most delicious fruits- aromatic and sweet.  Unripe, the flesh is great for chips with a dash of salt and turmeric powder. The seeds make a great spicy fried dish.  But I've never tried jam before. Leaving a whole fruit in the car and forgetting about it for a day and a half is enough to push a person towards salvaging the flesh and making a jam out of it. Simple recipe, really. I'm not a great jam eater, but I liked this on buttered toast. Making a bottle of this when the fruit is in season might be a good idea for those who like the flavor. 


6 cups jackfruit, deseeded, cut into strips
2 cups water
1.5 cups sugar (depends on the sweetness of the fruit)
i pinch salt
juice of one lemon


Place the water to boil in a large non stick vessel. Put the jackfruit slices in and cook till the water is half gone. Add the sugar, lower the heat and cook till the mass thickens. Add the lemon juice, salt and keep it on low till it's thick. Take off the heat and leave it to cool overnight in the same vessel. It'll thicken to a jam consistency. Transfer it to a glass bottle and refrigerate.

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