Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wheat Pita with Zucchini Fritters

No recipe for this one, because I'm lazy it's simple. The pita recipe is from one of the innumerable ones online, but it's a work in progress as I get the feel for the dough. The zucchini fritters are just shredded zucchini lightly cooked with spices and then crumbed and fried.

I think I'll dedicate this post to the beauty that is the pickled gherkin, and let's throw in a spicy jalapeno as well. I always ask for extra in my subs, sandwiches and burritos. Combined with crunchy iceberg lettuce, I don't think there's anything more one could ask for.  I certainly don't. It's so fresh and bursting with flavor that I think any such bread with filling combo would top my list of what one food I would eat for the rest of my life. It inspires me. So much so that once, I wrote a review (anonymously) that perfectly captures what I feel and (tsk, tsk) who I am:

'No, I don't want anything', I insisted. So my partner went ahead and got himself a veg burrito and placed it carefully in the fridge that night. The next morning, I woke up starving. The silver foil shone enticingly and being a believer of fate, I reached out and grabbed the damn thing.
Knife in hand, I went back in and cut myself one quarter of the burrito- coz my parents raised me right. I know what's fair and what's not. I ate it. It was..... I'm not a weird-sound-making person when it comes to food, but I made 'em. Many of  'em.
I looked at him. He was sleeping. Partners in life, I told myself as I cut another quarter. It disappeared, along with my righteous upbringing. I peered at him for a couple of seconds to make sure he wasn't showing signs of regaining consciousness. If he had, I planned to use the pillow.
When I threw the foil in the trash a few minutes later, I felt cheated. What kind of man doesn't buy another burrito for his woman, even if she insists? I need to rethink this relationship. But I know where I stand with (brand) burritos. We've mated for life.

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