Thursday, August 13, 2009

White Chocolate Cheese Tarts with Caramelized Beet Dots

This is one of my of those recipes that come to you when you sit and stare off into space. I love white chocolate and combining it with fresh homemade cheese in a beautiful tart....mmmmm.....

White Chocolate Cheese Tarts with Caramelized Beet Dots
Makes 7 small tarts

2 quantities basic tart dough*
1.75 cups (packed) fresh firm cheese**
4 tbsp melted white chocolate
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp cold water

2 one mm thin slices of red beet
2 tsp sugar
1 tbsp ground almonds
Fresh pineapple strips

Preheat oven. Roll out or press the tart dough and line the tart shells with them. Trim ends neatly and place in the oven. Blind bake for 5 minutes. The remove the beans/weights and bake for 40 mins at 180° C.

In a blender, place the firm cheese, the powdered sugar and water. Blend for a minute till smooth. Remove to the bowl with melted white chocolate and mix well with a metal spoon. After using it to fill the tarts, place in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, sprinkle a small pan with 1/2 tsp of sugar. Place the beet slices on it and sprinkle with another 1/2 tsp of sugar. On a very low flame, cook the beets, flipping over often. When the beets become floppy, remove from the stove. Use a pen cap to press down on the beets slices and make dots. Place aside.

After the tart shells have been baked, remove them from the oven and allow to cool completely. Fill the shells with the cheese mixture and smooth down the top with a spoon. Refrigerate. In a dry pan, lightly toast the ground almonds and sprinkle onto the tart filling. Decorate with beet dots and pineapple strips.

*Basic Tart Dough

1.25 cups all purpose flour
80 g butter
2.5 tbsp cold water
1 pinch salt

Place the flour, salt and butter in a bowl and use your finger tips to break the butter in. Add the water and gather the dough together into a ball. Do not mix too much. Cover with clingfilm and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

**Fresh Cheese

1 liter milk
Juice from 2 small lemons

Allow the milk to come to a boil. Just when it does, remove of the stove and pour in the lemon juice. The milk will separate into solids and whey. Place a muslin cloth in a bowl and pour the contents of the milk into it. Lift the cloth and tie it up, allowing the whey to collect in the bowl below. Untie after half an hour and use immediately or refrigerate until use.


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  2. This sounds delicious! I love those carmelized beets....mmmmm!

  3. Doggybloggy: Thanks! I think this is the best dessert I've made.

    Girlichef: Thank you :)

  4. Wow! How creative. Great idea on the fresh cheese too; what does the cheese taste like? Ricotta?

  5. Thank you, John! It's fresh cottage cheese, definitely not as deep as ricotta :)

  6. Ooh, that is quite a unique combination! I love your glowing reviews of it too ;)

  7. Chocolate and cheese... wow sounds interestingly rich and yum!

  8. Manggy: For the good of my fellow men and women, Mark, I must not hold back, I must put aside all pretense, uh, I mean, all presence of humility and give understand, of course! ;D

    Ellie: Thank you, as you must have gathered already, I love it :)

  9. A white chocolate and cheese tart sounds so good!

  10. This looks wonderful! I'd like a taste! =)

  11. Thanks Claire! Go on, have a bite ;)

  12. When I looked at the photo, I thuoght it was a savory tart, I scrolled down and realized it was a sweet beet and white chocolate tart with home-made cheese. Absolutely lovely!

    Jackie at