Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Tropical Jackfruit

Its jackfruit time here in India! Juicy luscious jackfruit. There's nothing quite like it. And when mom walked in yesterday lugging a big fruit and two babies, I was thrilled. Especially with the small ones. The fleshy bits were so cute and tiny, they looked like perfect little bites. All of yesterday, I was chewing on how to stuff it and today, I whipped up a batch of these. Crunchy and sweet! And very little cooking!

Tropical Jackfruit bites

(I haven't added any measurements because its all up to individual tastes)

Jackfruit flesh- whole
Broken wheat
Freshly grated coconut
Ghee or Butter
Mint leaves

Lightly fry or roast the cashewnuts in the ghee and set aside. Cook the broken wheat like you would rice. Spread it out on a plate and allow to cool. Sprinkle sugar onto the wheat and mix well. Stuff the jackfruit flesh with a bit of the cooked wheat. Place a generous amount of grated coconut on it. Top with a cashewnut and a mint leaf.

I found that this little bite is even better with a little more crunch- so next time around, I'd probably break up the cashews or maybe roasted peanuts into little bits and add it to the cooked wheat stuffing.

Not many people know that jackfruit seeds are edible- in fact, they're very very tasty. While I was busy with dessert, mom cooked up the big batch of seeds we've saved up over the last few days. Yum yum!

Jackfruit Seed Roast

20 Jackfruit seeds
Chilli powder
Turmeric powder
Mustard seeds
Cooking oil

If your jackfruit seeds have been drying outside for a couple of days, they should peel easily. If they're fresh, don't try peeling them at this point.

Allow the water to boil in a vessel and add the jackfruit seeds. Cook for 15 mins or so. Let cool and slice the seeds into two. If you haven't peeled them, do so now. It should be relatively easy.
Pour a dash of oil into a pan, add the mustard seeds and allow to splutter. Throw in the split jackfruit seeds and pour enough water to cover the seeds completely. Add a pinch of turmeric powder. Season with salt and chilli powder.

Once all the water is gone, simmer and allow the seeds to cook till they're completely dry. They'll stick to the pan, so scrape them around frequently. Sprinkle chopped curry leaves or coriander leaves and serve hot!


  1. I find that I can't tolerate the smell of jackfruit (though it's been a while since my mom cooked some), but you sure do make it look good! Even the seeds! :)

  2. I went around sniffing the jackfruit and discovered this smell that I really hadn't noticed before, because I'm used to it. But I get it. Sometimes we dont just dont like certain foods; some reasons like yours are valid, some not so - for years I disliked mushrooms because of the whole fungus thing in biology class and I never touched papayas because I was convinced that the seeds were snake eggs (I dont know why)
    On a saner note, I dislike the smell of fresh papaya. (Sniff)

    Thanks :)

  3. I had always wondered what to do with jackfruit and so I had never bought one! Now I know to prepare them simply like this!
    Thanks Mia!

  4. Its good in bell pepper fried rice as well, Marta, though some people may not like it. Just slice them into thin strips and add it to the rice halfway through :)