Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh the shame! I saw this dessert and read that it was from Sardinia and the only thought that came to my head was 'What? Those little tinned fish?' I didn't know about this little island! My geography teachers must be collectively rolling about in agony somewhere....

But I read that the fish was named after the island and that was some balm for my wounded pride. And, after I read up on it, the island itself is beautiful and interesting. It's another place to add to my list. I like small islands. They're 'real', in the sense that they don't have boundaries that humans have imagined for convenience (and fight over). Nature took care of that and threw in an unending stretch of beach into the bargain :) I think I'd like to visit isle after isle and see how different they are in terms of culture and cuisine for all that their geography has similar factors. A world isle trip! Sometime :)

Anyways, Sebadas or Seadas are deep-fried cheese-filled sweet ravioli that Sardinians make. (It's so weird, saying Sardinians- I can't help but imagine little fish people in tins, scroll down to see what I drew when watching tv ;) Plain old cheese filling sounded boring, so I made a couple of versions- with fresh mango+cheese, grated coconut+cashews, some of the Poli filling, melted chocolate+mint... I really liked the chocolate and mint. I love stuff like this where you can play around with the fillings. No recipe here coz everyone has their own pasta recipe and the fillings are just fun!


  1. Hi Miakoda, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. What happens to the oatmeal and buttermilk while soaking 3 days is the oatmeal soaks up lots of moisture from the buttermilk and it gets very thick, flavors melt together. The result in the "skon" is a very tender moist crumb.

    Love your idea for the world island tour, I'd love that too.
    Sebadas sound very good.

  2. Thanks for explaining that :)

  3. I love the mango-cheese combination... Ah, I could just taste it now :) (or mango-pineapple, hmm)
    You crack me up- love the drawing! But yeah, if I was your teacher I'd be fuming :)

  4. Thanks! Sniff. (Still ducking head in shame)