Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cooking in the Great Outdoors, i.e, my balcony

Is it really safe to eat something coated in ash, wood chips and God knows what? I'm still alive, so apparently it is.

Unnatural circumstances led to this one. A meddling father, lost oven skewers and such. But I'd already marinated the cheese and veggies. So I set up this outdoor fire to cook. By now, I was quite excited with the little adventure. I managed to chop little bits of firewood without chopping off my hands. I managed to light a fire in a shallow clay pot I bought long ago cause it was cute. Everything went merrily along, until the winds kicked in. There was smoke, there was ash swirling around, my eyes were watering, I was cursing away.....in all this mayhem, I seriously doubted if what I was making would be edible.

But when things settled down, I was surprised to see clean cooked food still on the skewers. I liked the taste too- smoky and juicy. Maybe a tad bit too smoky but nothing a little lemon juice won't mask. I used my usual marinade- Olive oil+yogurt+chilli powder+salt+pepper+vinegar.

Interesting :) This kind of thing should be done around a campfire, with friends. Some interesting conversation, fresh hot food (don't forget dessert!), some gazing at the stars and camping out with the sound of the wind and the trees and the water....I remember that we once camped out next to a river in a Himalayan trek. There's nothing quite like settling down next to flowing water... :) ....


  1. Sometimes I think it actually makes the food better, if you can believe that! ;)

  2. :) Might be something in that!