Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pineapple Crumble

Whew, a month long break- a welcome respite from the heat. I did cook of course, but nothing noteworthy or new. But I've been reading all the blogs in my list, Deeba's Passionate about Baking being right on top. She's part of the Daring Bakers, this amazing group who cook 8 to 12 challenging and creative dishes every year. Its a group I aspire to join, once I begin living in a place that has at least half the ingredients I'd need.

Anyways, her blog is unbelievable- always gorgeous, the pictures, her food. And recently, she's been making a lot of fruit crumbles. I didn't really look at the recipe- I was too busy drooling over the pictures, but when I did, I was hooked. It's so easy and sounds really delicious, I just had to try it.

I didnt have rolled oats, as she specifies in her recipe, so I went with biscuits. I've often made tart crusts out of biscuits and I really enjoy the texture. I also had to scale it down for a 5 inch pan. But God, it was so good. I had it hot and it was just heaven. This is one of those recipes that are going to stay with me forever.

Pineapple Crumble

1 small pineapple or 350gms
1 small mango,cubed
2 tbsp flour
1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
3 biscuits
2 tbsp chilled butter
1 pinch salt

Mix the first four ingredients well and pour into the pan. Combine the next five ingredient with your fingertips till it comes together in lumps and sprinkle onto the filling in the pan. Press the filling down gently and place in a preheated oven at 190 C for 40 mins. Serve hot!


  1. There aren't enough pineapple desserts out on the blogosphere, which is a shame! This is a beautiful one right here :)

  2. Oh Wow! I literally froze when I saw your name. I read your blog regularly and think its amazing- the stuff that you cook. Thanks for visiting and yes, the pineapple crumble is inspiringly delicious- I went through it all on my own :D

  3. Welcome back Mia!!!!
    Pineapple desserts are so under-rated! They are so moist and delicious, I don't understand why there aren't more of them.
    Thsi crumble looks delicious, a must-try for sure now that pineapples are golden and juicy!

  4. Thanks Marta! :) Pineapples are a thing of beauty for sure, and when they're baked they're even more amazing! I'm happy you'll be making this one- it is so very good. :)