Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sis' Raw Ash Gourd Salad

There aren't many vegetables I'd adore eating raw. I do include cucumbers, carrots, onions and bell peppers with every meal just as they are. I could name a few others....but ash gourds? My sis came up with this one and ever since that first tentative taste, many years ago, there's been no looking back.

Whenever I hear about the amazing nutritional value of each vegetable and how much of it is destroyed when cooked, I've felt it was such a shame. So this side dish is just perfect. Ash gourds are loaded with calcium and all that good stuff. An easy and simple dish.

Raw Ash Gourd Salad


1 cup grated ash gourd
4 tbsp yoghurt
2 tsp oil
1 dried red chilli
2 pinches mustard seeds
2 pinches cumin seeds
10 to 15 curry leaves, chopped
coriander leaves, chopped
salt to taste

Remove the seeds and the fleshy part around them before you grate the ash gourd. Place it in a bowl along with the chopped coriander leaves and yoghurt. Heat the oil in a small pan. Add the red chilli, mustard and cumin seeds. Allow them to splutter. Take off the stove and add the chopped curry leaves. (Hold the pan as far away as possible at all times) Add this to the bowl along with the salt and mix well. I personally enjoy this salad cold, so I refrigerate it.

This same recipe is perfect with cucumber as well, and get this- try it with the inner stem of plantain- that's the white portion that we Tamils call 'thandu'- its a wonderful vegetable, and is really good raw in this dish.

Note: Plantain Stem needs to be cleaned of its fibers. Chop up the log like stem into tiny rectangles, place in a large bowl full of water and use a rough surfaced stick to churn the water. At intervals, remove the fibers that stick to the surface of the stick. Do it for a few mins. Then drain and use.


  1. This looks gorgeous and yummy! Perfect for a summer evening.

  2. Thanks Ruby :) It actually is a very fresh dish, just right for summer.